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Maker Movement

What is the Maker Movement you ask? There are many definitions out there depending on which industry you are talking about. In regards this website we will talk about the Maker Movement in regards to education. This movement is helping schools get back to hands on learning. Some schools started this process with STEM labs a few years ago and are now expanding to more things "Maker". In reality whenever students are creating something physical they are making. There are many examples of what students can build with. Anything from cardboard to duct tape up to 3D printers and laser cutters. You can include maker ideas into any classroom with or without a maker/tinker/STEM lab. This section of the website will guild and show you just some examples of what you can do in the classroom along with where to get these items and what they cost. Remember this is not an all inclusive list. This is just a sampling that we will keep adding and working with.