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Mike's Technology Closet was created to share resources, ideas, and more with teachers around the world. Feel free to explore this site and look through all the material and use what you see fit in your classroom. This site will always be changing. New resources will be add, the latest technologies talked about and shared making this a must look location for teachers in all subject matters or grades.

Mike is dedicated to making sure that teachers know how to properly integrate technology into their classroom. As a former grade school, high school teacher, and technology director, along with an adjust college professor Mike brings more than 10 years experience to the field of ed tech. Mike also is a very involved member of ICE (Illinois Computing Educators) currently serving as an Executive Board member and also as a member of the conference committee. Mike has presented on many ed tech topics in multiple states and countries. Mike believes that everyone no matter their technology skill level can effectively integrate technology into their classroom. He also believes in the philosophy that technology is not a tool to teach but a tool to supplement the learning process in the classroom. The second you have the technology teach for you it has become ineffective in the classroom.

Outside of school students are "plugged in" all the time. You visit the mall or local hangout and you see our students communicating and immersed in their devices, be it a computer, phone, or tablet. We as educators need to figure out ways to bring that engagement to the classroom. If we are preparing our students for college and/or careers we need to expose them to tools they can use. No job says you cannot use a computer to look up something, or say "sorry you can't use a device to access the Internet". We need to teach them to be responsible digital citizens in this fast paces world. We need to teach them to be collaborative workers and not islands of their own. And to be successful at this, students need to know the tools that can help them be successful.

So Mike's Tech Closet is here to help teachers achieve all these goals. Mike is always open to hearing from teachers if they need help or cannot find a resource they are looking for. Mike is always looking for new resources as well. He is open to hearing what others have to say. So please do not hesitate to reach out to Mike at any time.